Car Eats Car 3

Car Eats Car 3
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Car games for boys are very interesting car racing games 3d. Especially Car Eats Car 3 is some kinds of unique car game that will make you can’t stop playing.

The description of Car Eats Car 3 – Car games for boys

Car eats car 3 is always an interesting car games for boys. Have adrenaline, excitement and speed. In this car racing game, young drivers must drive uphill and downhill, fight against police and civilian vehicles, climb mountains, like real mountaineering and conquer the road.

car games for boys

Car games for boys – Drive uphill and downhill, fight against police and civilian vehicles

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This cool car games for boys offers a stronger motivation for forging ahead. In this part of the fun car game, the driver must control the red car of the evil car and have more adventures to the neighbouring town. The trip is Complicated with pleasant and uncomfortable events on the highway.

Dynamic games

The driver can upgrade his race car and common features by adding armour, new wheels, powerful speed and other special abilities. Your energy and development initiatives, literally.

car games for boys

Car games for boys – Compete with your friends and open more maps

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This car games for boys offer different riding advantages just for fun and for free. These additions are like advantages over enemies and the chance to crash them. Collect them as much as possible and fight the bad guys more easily. Avoid accidents and continue to be brave. Help your friends stay in jail. We wish you success in the tasks ahead.

Features of car games for boys – Car Eats Cars 3

  • New hot opportunity – to drive evil and fight with police and civilian rivals;
  • New car – unlock and upgrade new vehicles and unmanned aircraft;
  • Tool – collect coins and improve the characteristics and skills of vehicles, such as speed, damage and turbo mode;
  • Object s collapsed with the help of rocket launcher, freeze ray, magnet, bomb generator and an emitter;
  • Bomb-stuff – go out your bomb to destroy the bad guys with powerful equipment;
  • Tasks – dealing with difficult tasks;
  • Maps – explore new places and objects, like hills, mountains or highways;
  • Communication – Make friends and add them to hot adventures;
  • League – Achieve your goals and become the first person on the highway.

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Car Eats Car 3
5 (100%) 1 vote

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