Car Merger

Car Merger
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Fun car racing games for kids is waiting for you. Car Merger is a well styled graphic car games to play for kids.

Discripstion of car games to play – Car Merger

Car Merger is an arcade racing game in which your main objectives is to beat previous records set by other players. If you has the first place in the board, you will be the best racer in the world.

You can race and jump through levels gaining new abilities and unlock characters. Free car games to play – Car Merger has a nice gameplay experience. It will remind you of such legendary games like Super Mario or Lego Racer.The game also brings you in a ton of competitions. It’s your choice whether to buck up and get to the top or stay lazy and eat the dust of your opponents.

Unblocked car games to play  Car Merger is a very different car games because it forces you to observe your environment while you race. Instead of just focusing on the movement of your car, you need to power up your car as well.

car games to play

Car games to play – Win the race, gain coins and unlock new car

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The game has its own game currency which can be used to purchase many perks, boosts and upgrades your gameplay. You can also customize the appearance of your character as well as special abilities of cars.

This car games to play has a large number of variable controls at each level. The special abilities of each car will makes it quite hard to remember. However, as you move ahead through the levels, you will realize that this complexities makes the game so interesting. A uinique feature introduced by Car Merger is the ability for you to combine two cars from your parking lot to form a brand new car. This feature is a very interesting new models.


  • Know your opponents
  • Upgrade, sit back and relax
  • Chase the power ups
  • Merging and getting extra coins

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Car Merger is a very funny and interesting car games to play in the car. Let’s try it now!

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Car Merger
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