CSR Racing 2 game guide

CSR Racing 2 game guide
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If you’ve always wanted to own a super rare sports car, CSR Racing 2 is the closest you will get without having to spend a few hundred grand.

CSR Racing 2 is NaturalMotion’s second edition drag racer, and it’s just launched on the App Store. If you thought the first version looked incredible, your mind is going to be blown when you see what they’ve done with CSR Racing 2.

Just like the original, the development team has gone to the extreme to create painstakingly detailed, super realistic cars. With four years of advancements in mobile gaming technology at their disposal, NaturalMotion has turned virtual car collecting into art.

CSR Racing 2

We’ve taken CSR Racing 2 through its paces and have the definitive guide to getting the most respect and gold to put you into a collector class all your own.

  • Your first car
  • How to race
  • Solo racing
  • Online racing
  • Gassing up
  • Upgrading
  • Tuning
  • Fusing
  • Customizing
  • Joining a Crew
  • Car collecting
  • Final Thoughts

Your first car

One of the biggest features of the CSR Racing franchise is the beautifully detailed cars. There is a level of precision that is unmatched by any other car-related game. We’re not just talking about cool reflections and shadows off of the hood. Each car is officially licensed by a real manufacturer. So, the cars are designed as if they were real, all the way down to the stitching on the interior. And, yes, in CSR 2, you can open the doors and trunk to get a good look inside at the dash, seats, and inner lining.

You’re gifted 130 gold to help you buy your first car. This is just enough cash to choose one of seven Tier 1 cars: The Cooper S, Golf GTI, Hundai Veloster, Dodge Dart Mopar ’13, Scion FR-S, Ford Fiesta ST, and Abarth 500.

All of the starter cars have similar performance specs, so your choice is based more on the make and model you prefer than anything else.

After you choose your first car, it’s delivered to your garage, and this part is awesome. Instead of the car just appearing in its spot, the doors roll up in your virtual garage and it slowly drives in, with the camera view switching from side to top-down, so you can really get a good look at your new ride.

Spend some time looking at your car. Drag your finger across the screen to see it from different angles. Tap the door to open it up and look at the interior. Don’t forget to pinch-to-zoom in. You can’t get inside the car yet, but you can get a pretty good view of the detail work. Pop the hood to check out your engine. You’ll be impressed with how real it all looks.

You can take screen shots, and even real-time video of your sweet new ride using Replay in the game.

Once you’ve given your new car the once-over twice, it’s time to hit the streets.

CSR Racing 2 game guide
5 (100%) 1 vote

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