Parking Passion

Parking Passion
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This is a game of game of parking car genre. If you want to practice or learn the skills of parking, parking passion is the right game for you. You will be trained for the best parking skills so as not to damage or collide with other vehicles. In the car parking game you will have to drive to the free parking spaces in the parking lot. In parking games are not just regular parking spaces but also street parking and construction sites, so the difficulty will be increased if your skills are not good then not pass the tests.In the game of parking there are many different difficulty levels for you to choose, but you must pass the test and then open the next level.

A little trick for you to pass the test in game with parking is that you have to stop the car within 3 seconds or you will not pass the test.

Features in the Game Of Parking:

  • The interface of the game is simple, easy to play, easy to understand.
  • The images are pleasant colors, great game sounds.
  • The game is compatible with most operating systems: iOS, Android, PC.
  • Game Of Parking is a free game and suitable for all ages.
  • Practice games for you to carefully calculate and observe well

How to play the Game Of Parking:

  • On the computer, use the navigation keys.
  • On the mobile, touch the screen to play.
  • You will have to drive your car into empty parking spots in the parking area without collisions or damage the car or crash into the wall.
  • To go to the next exam, you need to pass the previous exam

Some pictures in the Game Of Parking:

parking passion

This is a free game. Parking passion

game with parking

This is a free game. Game with parking

car parking game

This is a free game. Car parking game

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Parking Passion
5 (100%) 2 votes

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